External Solemnity of St. Vincent Pallotti – January 24th, 2010

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Saint Vincent Pallotti (1795-1850)

Today, we, the Pallottine Fathers and all those who belong to the Pallottine family, celebrate the feast of our founder,  St. Vincent Pallotti.  He was born in Rome, on April 21st,  1795. and ordained a priest on the 16th of May, 1818. On April 4th  1835, he founded the Union of Catholic Apostolate, (UAC).

The UAC is a communion of those faithful who, inspired by the charism of St. Vincent Pallotti, promote the co-responsibility of all the baptized to revive faith and rekindle charity in the Church and in  the world. The Patroness of the Union is the Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Apostles, The spiritual Centre of the Union is the Church of San Salvatore in Rome where the remains of St. Vincent repose.  The Union of Catholic Apostolate is an international Public Association of the Faithful, of Pontifical Right and is constituted by the faithful of every state and vocation, erected by the Holy See and regulated according to Canon Law. The UAC participates in the mission of the Church, to awaken faith and awareness of the vocation to the apostolate, to re-enkindle charity among all the members of the People of God so that all will be evermore united in the commitment to spread charity so that there will be one flock under one Shepherd..  The Union strives to revive and bring to fruition the charisms of every person. It seeks to live the mystery of the Church as an apostolic communion which reveals the identity and fundamental dignity of all the faithful. Among all Catholics it aspires to revive the faith, hope and love they have received as gifts in baptism; promote their own holiness and that of their neighbours; promote their awareness of the mission God has entrusted to each person, and to strengthen and support their readiness and capacity to carry out the apostolate together.  In  addition, it aspires to make accessible to them that apostolic  spirituality which is our inheritance; and to strengthen their commitment to the mission.

In collaboration with all Christians the Union aspires to invoke God’s blessing on the work of evangelization through prayer, sacrifice, and good works; help men and women to open themselves to the light of faith and the saving power of Christ; sustain with vigor the growth of an ever more complete unity; prepare and enable as many as possible to collaborate as messengers of the Gospel at the service of Infinite Love; bring the Christian message of salvation to those who have not yet heard it; and endeavor to provide the means necessary for apostolic undertakings.

(Taken from St. Vincent Pallotti’s Vision Chapter 10)

We wish all of the Pallottine Fathers and UAC members a Happy Feast Day , and pray for God’s blessings  upon you through the intercession of St. Vincent Pallotti. and Mary, Queen of Apostles.