24th Sunday in Ordinary Time – C September 12th, 2010

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Dear Parishioners:

Today’s readings are truly “The Good News” proclaimed! Good news for sinners, hypocrites and anyone else who is willing to admit as a people, we are all in need of a Saviour, a redeemer, one who will stand in our place and take our sins upon himself, for left on our own, we would have no hope for salvation. Today’s readings proclaim boldly that the gift of our salvation is the forgiveness of our sins!

Reconciliation is just about the most important word in our faith. In today’s gospel we hear the Lord speak about the great joy of finding the lost sheep and of seeing the prodigal son back in his father’s arms. Every time we celebrate the mystery of our faith at mass we ourselves are touched by the Lord reconciling to the Father and to one another. Jesus’ words call us to experience reconciliation in our hearts and our community, and to reach out with the love of Christ to all who are separated from us and the Christian Community.

Reconciliation must be for us a most humble and loving experience we long fore every day. The Lord who carries our burden and our sins wants the joy of reconciliation to be ours every  time we reach out to Him in prayer. To reach out to the “lost sheep” and welcome home the “prodigal Son” must be the greatest way of being a disciple of Christ. Our Christian community should know no great joy than to rebuild and bring together, to reach out in love and see Christ being alive in us!

“Amazing grace! How sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me!
I once was lost, but now am found,
Was blind but now I see”