33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time – C November 14th , 2010

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Dear Friends,

Visiting the Sick

Some people feel uneasy about visiting the sick, perhaps you are not such a great friend or neighbor. Maybe you are not blessed with the gift of the gab or feel self conscious about coming to visit. Yet when we think about the times that we have been sick and bed-ridden, how much we really appreciated the visit.

Being confined to bed is boring at the best of times and generally we do it not because we want the rest, but because we are recovering from an illness, surgery or accident. Having some one to visit brings up the morale of the ailing and gives him/her more of a desire to recover. Besides cheering someone up, you make him or her feel important and concerned for.

There are a number of people from our parish community in the hospitals, Care Centers, Nursing Homes or at home, on a long term basis (Knights of Columbus, CWL Members or parishioners or a neighbour).

So this year make it your Advent commitment to visit someone who is sick, especially someone who is confined on a long term basis.