25th Sunday in Ordinary Time September 18, 2011 Year A

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Dear Friends:

In today’s gospel we are called to work in the vineyard of the Lord. This is the greatest call we have ever received. To work in the vineyard means to participate in the actual mission of Christ. All of us bestowed with dignity beyond measure in the death and resurrection of Christ, are now his apostles and co-workers; we are now called to work together in His name for his vineyard to bring fruit and blessings. What a great calling! How could anyone complain that he worked more than others for Him? How could anyone not see the honour of being allowed to follow Christ? Being parishioners of St. Cecilia’s we are called to volunteer for the many ministries and services of this community. You will have the opportunity on Stewardship Sunday (date to be announced) to come forward and volunteer.

Working with and for the Lord we have found the good life; we have found meaning.

“Send forth, O Lord laborers into your vineyard
And spare your people,
That united with you,
And the Father and the Holy Spirit,
We may all rejoice for ever and ever

This Apostolic Prayer of St. Vincent Pallotti recalls Christ’s mission; in Christ always yours.