28th Sunday in Ordinary Time October 9, 2011 Year A

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Dear Friends:

Today we are reminded to show gratefulness to God and all our neighbours for the gifts we receive. Today’s gospel message, the invitation to the great banquet, which the Father prepares for his son, Jesus Christ is another of these reminders of the Eucharist, the banquet where we give thanks to the Father through the sacrifice of his son. We also give thanks to God by the gifts which we donate in time, treasure and talent. We thank all those who have signed up for the different ministries and services in the parish and those who will be signing up on Stewardship Sunday October 23rd & 30th . We thank also those who spent their time and money to “feed the hungry”. (It was a great success over 600 hundred people received their meal at St. Mary’s Hall last Sunday). Thank you together with St. Boniface Parish for your generosity.

I hope your ways of being grateful in supporting the church will continue and increase.

The collection for World Missions is coming up on Sunday, October 23rd, Our dues for TIA (Together in Action- the bishop’s appeal) is still lacking approximately 20,000.00. Our Sunday collections need to improve. In order to meet our monthly commitments we need a weekly income of $6,000.00 to meet our commitments.

My dear parishioners let us be grateful to God for our parish community, for our house of worship and let us pull together to make the parish also financially viable. Let us give thanks to God with our gifts to his church.
May God bless you and your families on this Thanksgiving Weekend and always.