30th Sunday in Ordinary Time, October 23, 2011, Year A

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My dear Parishioners,

Today Our Church throughout the World celebrates World Mission Sunday . On this day, the Universal Church will contribute of What they have to the universal solidarity fund that supports over 1100 mission dioceses. Last Year the Society of the propagation for the Faith in English Canada contributed over $2,700,000 (US) in support of the mission churches throughout the world. Our support allows the Gospel to be spread and heard in the mission countries.

This year’s theme for the World Mission Sunday is “Together in Faith”. In Mathew’s gospel (Mt 25:35-36) Christ described a life lived well as follows: when I was hungry and you gave me food, When I was thirsty, you gave to drink. The society for the propagation of Faith provides our brothers and sisters in mission lands an opportunity to experience the love of Christ for the poor. Through your support of World Mission Sunday, Christ’s compassion reaches them. Through your donation today, you give of what you have to bring about the goodness of Christ in our World- one in which many of its people lack the basic needs described in the passage from Mathew.

As part of our Baptism we are called to be missionary. Even though most of would not likely have a mission experience in our life, we need to continue to pray for missions and give of what we can of our financial resources to support them. We are blessed to have heard the Good News and experienced the living bread of Christ in the Eucharist. Let us now share this opportunity with our mission brothers and sisters .

May God bless you always
Fr. Leo Felix