Second Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B, January 15, 2012

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Dear Friends:

In today’s noisy world, stillness can be rare and we might wonder what, if anything, can draw us into intimacy and meaning. Today’s readings provide us with a key, for they call us to stop talking and listen.
In the first reading, Samuel hears the voice of the Lord but does not recognize it. It is Eli, in his wisdom and age, who knows that the proper response to this unknown call is to be still and listen.

When they first met Jesus, John’s disciples are tentative and tongue-tied. When Jesus asks what they want, they ask in return, “Where are you staying?” – as if they might want to get in touch at some later date. To this, Jesus’ simple invitation is to “Come and see,” and they spent the day with him. More importantly, they take the time to listen to Jesus.

When we, like the first disciples, listen to God’s voice, we deepen our commitment to the Lord. God calls us through what we see, hear and feel.

God speaks to us through creation and through the lives and words of ordinary people. In turn, we ourselves call others to God when we walk together on our faith journey.

May the Eucharist open our hearts to enter more deeply into communion with God and each other. “Speak, Lord for your servant is listening.”