May 27th – Pentecost Sunday – Year B

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We discovered each other’s gifts and weaknesses that made us mature in our dealings with one another.

Today I am filled with gratitude, but I feel sadness because we will not be seeing each other. I thank God for the blessings he has showered on this parish. But through the internet and text messages we can stay connected. Stay on line always!

I have been receiving from many of you heartwarming messages of appreciation, of thanks and assurances of prayers in my new assignment. Many of you came to me to say thank you for your friendship. As you thank me for the things I may have done for you, let me thank you for allowing me to enter your lives and welcoming me into your homes, for your support and encouragement in time of difficulties and failures in my work, and for the food you brought to the rectory. If I have hurt any one of you I am truly sorry. I thank God for the grace of humility to seek repentance and forgiveness.

May I take this opportunity to extend my deepest gratitude and appreciation to the entire staff for your dedication to work with zeal and honesty that made our office very welcoming to the parishioners or anyone that came in. Please keep up the good work and stay devoted to your prayers.

I am greatly indebted to our beloved Bishop Henry for his paternal guidance and blessing in all my priestly endeavours. I thank my brother priests, Fr. Henry Rosenbaum, Fr. William Monis and especially our hospital chaplain, Fr. Francis Tran for their friendship and support.

I will be leaving you on June 3rd and pass on to you Fr. Frank Feldmann as pastor of this parish commencing August 1st. Many of you will remember him, as he was pastor here many years ago. In the interim June and July Fr. Patrick Furtado will be assigned as administrator of St. Cecilia’s parish.

Goodbyes are not forever. Goodbyes are not an end. They simply mean I will miss you all, till the time we meet again. Let us all stay happy and healthy for the greater glory of God! May God, our eternal Shepherd through the intercession of St. Vincent Pallotti, bless us constantly in all our undertakings for the Church. I love you all!

Let me leave you with this wish and prayer:

Christian life is dynamic
and therefore must be nurtured
Cared and shared.
Whatever lessons you have learned,
Let these be your legacy to the next generation.
Continue discovering God, loving Him and praying to Him.
These are the ways of a true Christian worker

God bless you,
Fr. Leo Felix