January 20th, 2013 – 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time – Year C

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Dear Friends:

When Jesus Christ came he took on a human body to show us how a human being should live, how to act towards God and to learn to accept other people as brothers and sisters. When Jesus Christ sends out his disciples on a mission journey he gives them advice, on what they have to do.

They must tell the people that the kingdom of God is very near. The action and teaching of Jesus is a description of what the kingdom has to look like. All are invited to meditate on what they see and hear, change their life on a daily basis and make the kingdom of God show, in whatever they do.

My Dear Sisters and Brothers, this is a life long chore and we must never give up in spite of falling often short to the call. Our shortcomings and falls must never become a reason to give up on Jesus Christ call. Let us often in our prayers turn to God and ask for strength and endurance.

If you read about the life of St. Vincent Pallotti you will find what I have just described above. He too, can give us an example of how we should act in our mission.