June 16th, 2013 – Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

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The Woman in today’s gospel who anoints Jesus’ feet with her tears approaches Jesus burdened by her sins. She is a ‘prodigal daughter’ of sorts, a woman who is known in the town by her shame, but who by admitting her shame seeks forgiveness from Jesus. When it comes to our relationship with God, prodigality of God’s overflowing mercy is a good thing, for the result is full communion with God. In the first reading, once David, Israel’s anointed king, admits his shame and confesses his sinfulness to Nathan, David’s relationship with God is put right and David’s life is restored.

Today’s readings show us how important it is for us to admit our weakness before God and be bathed ourselves in prodigality of God’s forgiveness. Jesus did not weigh the woman’s sins when deciding whether to forgive. He graciously accepted her true offering of love and graced her with freedom and peace.

At Mass, let us take the opportunities provided by the Penitential Act and Communion Rite to acknowledge our weakness and prepare our hearts humbly to receive Jesus. Loved and forgive, may we, like the woman in the Gospel, go in peace.