October 6th, 2013 – Twenty Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time – Year C

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Jesus often uses dramatic language to make a point, as he does today: “We are worthless slaves…”

Slaves! But we are God’s children! Yes, blessed and gifted and also given responsibilities and held accountable. We must use well the gifts we have received. The Lord will want to know what we have done to build up God’s kingdom.

We do what we have to do: follow our Master. We use our gifts as they should be used, for our Master’s business.

Think about the image in the first reading. In a time of violence and injustice, Habakkuk is told to make a sign that shows God’s will, a sign that can be seen by a runner passing by. No doubt many runners pass by our churches. Are we a sign to them? What about those who take time from the busy running of their lives to come inside? What signs do we present to one another? Do we show forth God’s kingdom in our midst?

We are gifted with so much from God –all so that we can build up the kingdom. We are called to feed the hungry, respond to those in need, take a stand against injustice. Are the signs visible that we are doing these things? Let us notice and give thanks for the signs of the kingdom in our midst. And let us nurture them.