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Dear Parishioners:

Advent is a time when we try to prepare ourselves for the feast-day of Christmas. I would like to share a few thoughts with you which might create an incentive to look at this celebration with a little bit of a change. Christmas is not the day when we meet this bearded fellow in red clothes and his display of “ Ho! Ho! Ho!”. It is not the day on which the theme is expressed solely by gifts. Even visiting relatives and friends to enjoy a meal and fine tasting wine does not express what Christmas is all about.

We have to meditate on the gift of God to humankind and grasp a little bit more the love expression for all of us. Every year by meditation and prayer we can learn to give †thanks to this great God of ours who sent his Son two thousand years ago, to bring a solution to the problems that prevail in our racked society. I personally believe that we will never fully understand the extent of God’s goodness for this world.

I encourage every one of us to respond to the love expression of God by turning our face to him and ever so slowly change our life for the better, in thanksgiving to what God has done.

I wish every one of you a blessed Christmas. Make time for your family and friends but don’t forget to give a big hug to our God.