March 22, 2015 – Fifth Sunday of Lent – Year B

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A seed must die to produce new life. In Christianity, death is not always physical. Often, it is a spiritual relinquishing of self that simultaneously liberates. Death can be the giving up of our need to be right, in control, or to blame others. It can be the releasing of attachments and placing one’s trust in God. Death can be giving up excuses, fears, and complaints to embrace instead the freedom to delight in weakness because in weakness we are made strong. How can it be that death glorifies God? In death, our ultimate trust in God is made manifest. In dying to self, we choose to trust and to exercise faith, hope and love. These virtues lead us into intimate contact with God and transform us into the image of Christ. Now is the time to remember that Christ is the reason for all the preparations for Easter, all the effort of the Lenten season, and all the sacrifice that has made up our lives this week. What can you do to die to self during this week of Lent and which virtues will help you to glorify God in this way?