April 19th, 2015 – Third Sunday of Easter – Year B

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Today’s liturgy highlights both the truth and the ramifications of the resurrection. In Saint Luke’s Gospel passage, Jesus demonstrates the reality of his risen body; the same Jesus who was crucified is now risen, and we respond with a joy that compels us to ask God to bring us “renewed youthfulness of spirit” (Collect).

Our Easter joy comes with Easter duty, however, and Saint Peter’s sermon in the First Reading reinforce this charge. Christ’s death and resurrection has opened the mystery of God’s saving plan to us; now, we must answer Christ’s call, choosing life over death, love over hate, and hope over fear. Our Sunday liturgy and our Christian lives must give witness to our Easter faith. The baptism we share joins us in a great vocation: to look forward in hope to eternity’s dawn and to live today as children of the world to come.

Today’s celebration must embody both Easter joy and Easter commitment to a life of praise in a world still marked by death, hate, and fear. Indeed, we must proclaim “the restoration of the universe through the Paschal Mystery.” It is our prayer that, in Christ, life will indeed trump death, love will overcome hate, and fear will surrender to hope.

This Sunday we are celebrating the sacrament of Confirmation at the 11:00 a m. Mass. Bishop Henry has come to confirm 33 young people of our parish community. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all who have participated in the preparation for our Confirmation candidates. Sincere thanks and appreciation are extended to all our parents who helped make our Retreat Day an awesome day for our young people!