Fr. Paul’s Homily for Palm and Passion Sunday, A, 2020

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I.               INTRODUCTION

1)    We have completed the 5 weeks of Lenten season with little sadness that we could not have Mass in the church last two weeks. But still we are coming close to the Lenten season and today we are celebrating the PALM SUNDAY, or it is also called PASSION SUNDAY and at the same time we are also entering the HOLY WEEK.

2)    Holy week can be divided into four parts: Palm Sunday as part one; Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday as part two; Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Saturday as part three; and EASTER SUNDAY as part four. Today let us reflect about part one and two. The third and fourth parts we will reflect on its respective days.

II.            PASSION SUNDAY, HOLY MONDAY, HOLY TUESDAY, and HOLY WEDNESDAYfew important events for us to reflect

1)    Before the beginning of the procession to Jerusalem on the Palm Sunday or Passion Sunday – JESUS wept over Jerusalem. LUKE 19:41 As he drew near; he saw the city and wept over it.  Does Jesus weep over us?  As I mentioned last week Jesus weeps over our suffering in the world today due to this crisis and on this very day Jesus wept over Jerusalem because the people of Jerusalem did not repent. There is a Jewish saying, “Heaven rejoices over a repentant sinner and sheds tears over a non-repentant, hardhearted one.”  Let us get ready to imitate the prodigal son, return to God, our loving Father leaving behind all our sins. Let us not cause Jesus to weep over our sinful souls as he wept over Jerusalem at the beginning of this Holy week.

2)    And when the procession was over, JESUS cleansed the Temple (Lk. 19:45-46) – on PASSION SUNDAY – Do we need to have Jesus cleanse our hearts with his whip?  Jesus cannot tolerate the desecration of the temple of his Holy Spirit in us by our addiction to uncharitable, unjust and impure thoughts words and deeds; neither does he approve of our calculation of loss and gain in our relationship with God. Let us repent now, so that Jesus may not have to cleanse our hearts with his whip. 

3)    On the following day JESUS cursed a barren fig tree – that is Monday – Are we barren fig trees?  God expects us to produce fruits of holiness, purity, justice, humility, obedience, charity, and forgiveness.  Let us discover whether we are fruit-bearing fig trees, or barren trees or useless trees producing bitter fruits of impurity, injustice, pride, hatred, jealousy and selfishness. Let us not be barren fig trees.

4)    Before the feast of Passover – JUDAS agrees to BETRAY JESUS for 30 silver coins – Lk 22:3 – TUESDAY or WEDNESDAY Am I going to betray Jesus by sinning again and again and not repenting?


1)    Let us become like the humble donkey that carried Jesus by radiating Jesus’ universal love, unconditional forgiveness and sacrificial service in our families, with our family members.

2)    Are we ready to become like the humble donkey that carried Jesus for one another in our families by carrying each others’ burdens, loneliness, boredom, restlessness, fear, anxiety and suffering at this important time? 

3)    Let us also be like those people who spread their cloths, waved with palms expressing their joy and happiness by spreading and waving our hope, trust, endurance, courage, encouragement and togetherness with all of our family members as well as our dear and near ones.

4)    Let us welcome Jesus into our hearts by surrendering our lives to him during this Holy Week, and singing our “hosanna, welcome him, into all areas of our lives as our Lord and Savior.

IV.          Let us conclude with this prayer

Lord Jesus Christ you entered the city of Jerusalem to redeem us, today as we enter the Holy week we beg you to redeem this world and us from this current situation.

Lord Jesus Christ as you cleansed the Jerusalem temple cleanse also this world from this Corona Virus, wipe the virus away from this world.

Lord Jesus Christ as you cursed the fig tree, as you cursed the Satan during your earthly ministry, as you cursed the evil spirit in your healing ministry also curse this corona virus so that it will disappear from this world.

Lord Jesus Christ we want to come back to church, we want to participate in the Mass, we want to taste your body and blood, please bring us back to church as soon as possible by making everything normal as before. Lord remove our fears, give us peace and happiness we ask these in your name. Amen.