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Dear Parishioners

These are the following changes for our weekend and weekday Masses in our parish based on the new directives from the diocese.

1. We can allow more people to attend the Masses, but we need to keep the 6 feet physical distance. Based on this our church can hold only 80 people including the priest and the volunteers keeping into consideration of the required 6 feet distance.

2. Sanitization of your hands upon the entry of the church is mandatory.

3. Answering the health-related questions upon the entry of the church is also mandatory.

4. Collecting contact information of attendees if they would wish to participate voluntarily for the purpose of contact tracing.

5. Congregants may decide whether to wear a mask during Mass provided that mask is worn if they wish to receive Holy Communion.

6. Cleaning the church between Masses is mandatory.

Based on these new directives

We will still have 5 weekend Masses namely Saturday 5pm and 7pm and Sunday 8am, 10am, 12noon.

We will lock the church doors 20 minutes before each mass on weekends. So be in the church 20 minutes before any Mass that you choose to attend on weekends. I need around 10 to 15 minutes to give some guidelines to the people before each Mass.

We will be allowing 50 people to pre-register, 20 people as walk ins and the remaining 10 people would consist of priest, sacristan, and volunteers. 

Do all your pre-registration from Tuesday – Thursday during parish office hours 10 am to 4 pm. Use either parish email or parish phone or come in person. Email: office@stceciliacalgary.com  or Phone (403) 252 – 2790.

There is no pre-registration required for the weekdays Masses. All can come as walk ins.

Confession time will continue be on every Saturdays from 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm in the library.

Have a grace filled weekend with your family.

God Bless.

with love and prayers

Fr. Paul Raj

Some Reminders

You must enter only through main entrance for Mass. You will not be allowed to enter the church through church side doors. The entrance and exits signs are put in place as you enter through the main doors of the church, to guide you with directions. The pews are also marked with numbers and taps with 6 feet distance; you must sit only on the marked seats. However, if you are from the same family then you may sit together. The Communion line is also marked with taps indicating 6 feet distance.

We need to clean the church after each Mass, as per the given directions. Everyone must leave the church immediately after each Mass so that the cleaning people are able to come in and complete their cleaning duties. Please kindly do all your personal prayers such as rosary and other prayers before the Mass. You can do this around the waiting time before the Mass. You will be given some required instructions before the start of each Mass; like on how we come for communion etc.

Communion will be given only on hands. Cry room is not allowed to be used during Mass; except the washroom. Paper bulletins are not allowed. There will not be adoration on Fridays.

Some Warnings

You are coming for Mass, and will be with 79 other people at your own risk.
If you are a senior, you are advised to stay home; I leave this to your discretion. If you have any health issues you are advised to stay at home.

If you are bringing children, they must be with you for entire duration.
You must sanitize your hands at the entrance. There will be a volunteer with the sanitizer.

Mass Timing

Tuesdays to Saturday: at 9:00 am.

Saturday: at 5:00 pm.

Sunday: at 8:00 am, 10:00 am, and 12:00 noon (Those who have booked Mass for Sunday 9:00 am Mass, that intention will be offered at 10:00 am Mass.