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Dear Parishioners
We have NEW DIRECTIVES FROM THE DIOCESE. Based on these new directives everyone needs to wear a MASK during the entire time of the Mass. You will enter the church with Mask and wear it till you leave the church. You will remove only for consuming the Body of Christ. Those who are exempted bylaw will be respected. However it is highly recommended that if you have any health issues, remain at home.
Thank you. 
Good day. God Bless.
With love and prayers
Fr. Paul Raj
Below are the new directives.


“The Diocese of Calgary strongly recommends to the faithful to, as much as possible, continue to wear the mask while seated in the pews during the Mass. This will help better protect one another in preventing the transmission of the flu and COVID-19. However, exemptions under the municipal bylaws will continue to be respected without requiring proof of eligibility.

This gesture of wearing the mask is a sign of charity and concern for each other’s health. Please see the new poster in the church which highlights a number of health and safety measures to help prevent the spread of the flu and COVID-19.

Thank you for your cooperation.”

We thank you for your continued support and vigilance as we prevent the transmission of Influenza and COVID-19.