Fr. Paul Raj’s Homily for Christ the King

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Dear Parishioners
I wish everyone of you a HAP HAP HAPPY FEAST DAY OF ST. CECILIA
I am praying very specially for everyone of you, our families, our parish that through the intercession of St. Cecilia God may continue to Bless all of us, our families and our parish with all the spiritual, material Blessings, good health, love, peace, joy and happiness. 

Let us also offer our whole world into the hands of St. Cecilia that through her powerful intercession God may cleanse this world soon from this virus and give us good health, peaceful and happy life. 
Do not forget to say a prayer to St. Cecilia together as a family.
May St. Cecilia’s Blessings fill you and your family this weekend and the weekends to come. 

Thank you. God Bless.
With love and prayers
Fr. Paul Raj