Christmas Message from Fr. Paul Raj

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Dear Parishioners

2020 Christmas may be a quite different kind of CHRISTMAS for most of us, but the mystery of CHRISTMAS IS THE SAME as the first Christmas.

2020 years ago, God loved the world so much that he sent his only beloved son Jesus Christ into this world to redeem the world, to bring joy and happiness, to instill hope in us and to establish his peace in the world.

2020 Christmas is very much in need of the same message of the first Christmas. God still loves the world so much that he is sending his only beloved son Jesus Christ into this world to redeem the world from this Pandemic, to bring joy and happiness, to instill hope that everything will become normal and to establish peace in the heart of us all.  

Our prayer is: Lord our God repeats the first Christmas again.

The gift of Love – the love of God the Father.

The gift of Peace – the peace of baby Jesus Christ.

The gift of Unity – the unity of the Holy Spirit.

The gift of Hope – the hope of the Prophets and church fathers.

The gift of Happiness – the happiness of all the saints in heaven.

The gift of Joy – the joy of a thousand angels upon us.

The gift of Light – the light of the Christmas star to shine on to us.

The gift of Faith – the faith of the three kings the Magi.

May all these be yours and your family and upon this world at this Christmas.


Fr. Paul Raj
Parish Priest
St. Cecilia’s parish