Sacramental Preparation


All baptism inquiries and applications go to the parish office:

Requirements for Baptism:

  1. Application Form available at the registration desk, from the parish office or here.
  2. Copy of Birth Certificate of child to be baptized.
  3. Completion of Baptism Preparation Class.
  4. Proof of Confirmation of both Godparents. This may take several months if proof is being obtained from another country.
    Godparents must be at least 16 years old and fully Confirmed Roman Catholics. You cannot have more than one male and one female Godparent. If your chosen Godparent is married, they must have been married in the Catholic Church and provide their Catholic Marriage Certificate.
  5. Letter of Permission from your parish if you are not a registered member of St. Cecilia’s, or if you do not live in our parish boundary.
  6. Meeting with Fr. Paul once all paperwork is complete.


School aged preparation sacraments go to our Sacrament Coordinator Kelly Sereda:


All wedding inquiries go to the parish office:

Please contact the parish office at least 6 months before your wedding date.